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Daily new Analysis for UPSC preparation
Daily new Analysis for UPSC preparation

Daily News Analysis, Evaluation & Streak

Read Editorial Summary and attempt Daily Quiz for revising Current Affairs. Link them with the GS syllabus for your boosted preparation.

Read Today’s News
Prepare for UPSC prelims
Prepare for UPSC prelims

Practice MCQs 24x7 on any topic

Ask for MCQs to test your knowledge on any subject or topic. Track your accuracy & progress on the Leaderboard daily.

Practice MCQs Now
UPSC Mains answer evaulation
UPSC Mains answer evaulation

1-minute Mains Answer Evaluation

Share your handwritten Mains Answer with SuperKalam & get feedback within seconds. Get detailed feedback and Model Answer for your question with it.

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Inspiring Journeys

    Improved my Accuracy with MCQsAfter I study any topic, I ask SuperKalam to give me MCQs. It gives me questions as per my weak & strong areas. In just 3 weeks, I improved my accuracy from 52% to 88%. I love SuperKalam ❤️ Seeing my name climb up on the leaderboard is super motivating. Now I feel confident to tackle even the hardest questions of UPSC Prelims.
    Muskan, UPSC Aspirant 2024
    Improved my Accuracy with MCQs
    I am more disciplined nowI always come to SuperKalam to get my doubts cleared instantly, understand complex topics and practice questions. I'm on a 22-day streak and counting 💪 Even on days when my motivation is low to study, SuperKalam nudges me to keep practicing, more like a supportive study buddy, always there to keep me on track for the UPSC journey.
    Ashish, UPSC Aspirant 2024
    I am more disciplined now
    Now, I write Mains Answer fasterWriting answers for the Mains was my biggest hurdle until I started using SuperKalam. It gives me instant feedback, model answers and I discuss the feedback to get more clarity. I have improved my writing speed and answer quality to the next level. I have decreased my answer writing time from 30 minutes to just 8 minutes per answer with SuperKalam ⭐️
    Prachi, UPSC Aspirant 2024
    Now, I write Mains Answer faster

Students love SuperKalam

Mansi Jaiswal
Mansi JaiswalAspirant 2025
SuperKalam is the best AI mentor for each and every student.
Ajar Kumar E
Ajar Kumar EAspirant 2025
SUPERKALAM is the best in providing surprises. I am looking forward for this. It is the best place to clear all the doubts. Thank you SuperKalam Team.
RitanshiAspirant 2025
News Analysis and DPQ have helped me gain confidence in Current Affairs and way of explaining makes it more easy, thank you so much. It has changed the perspective of studying, Everything at one place, no need to go anywhere else . It has boosted my preparation a lot.
Muskan Priya
Muskan PriyaAspirant 2025
DPQ+PYQ+DNA are symbols of consistency and discipline for me. MCQs are the best feature because it demands conceptual clarity and let me know my depth in the topic. Grateful for the unwavering dedication by SuperKalam team.
JoelAspirant 2025
SuperKalam is the perfect example of using AI to solve problems in the society. Using limited resources (internet and will power) to generate the maximum output, I believe SuperKalam will make great bureaucrats out of deserving and disciplined aspirants in India. Thank you team for modernizing UPSC preparation for us.
Argya Chatterjee
Argya ChatterjeeAspirant 2025
AI tech support in study is another level of enjoyment. I got many examples using it. Helpful, Powerful and Time saving.
GauravAspirant 2025
I am finding DNA quite useful as it is helping me make short and crisp notes with help of mind-maps. While the DPQs are at par with the UPSC standards with good explanations. Thank you team SuperKalam.
BarathAspirant 2025
If I came to know about SuperKalam before I would have been more confident and appeared for 2024 and would have gave the best competition of mine.
PrachiAspirant 2024
Daily practicing DPQs and PYQs on SuperKalam has helped me understand my mistakes while solving and improve them along with revision.
Akansha Anand
Akansha AnandAspirant 2024
Mind maps are quite precise, effective and time saving and SuperKalam is an amazing AI for UPSC preparation, its just like a personal mentor.
Vaibhavi Tekwani
Vaibhavi TekwaniAspirant 2024
With mindmaps it becomes easy to cover the whole topic and by solving questions with SuperKalam the topic becomes more strong.
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